Our Story

We're Josh and Matt (Hi! 👋🏼) Mishawaka and South Bend Locals. We help businesses train and develop their leaders.

Years in the trenches with leaders
Individuals trained, coached, or mentored
Of us afraid of snakes.
The other hates spiders.
Hours developing our approach.

Meet the Team

30+ years of combined professional experience, engrained in us the belief that individuals and collectives thrive when people live as their full, authentic selves - what we refer to as living “juicy.”

The obstacle most people face on their journey to “juicy” isn’t a lack of talent, skill, or even intention. Humans are powerful and good, but we all need others to help us discover and tap into our own innate brilliance. In other words, people grow best in healthy community. And healthy communities – whether professional, competitive, personal or spiritual – need healthy leadership.

This realization planted the dream-seed for The Leadership Tap. Because we envision a world full of juicy people we equip and empower leaders at every level to take great care of their people.

Well cared for people = healthier people = happier people = more creative people = more productive people = more engaged people…you get the point…

The core principles that drive everything we do

Everyone seen

We believe in the inherit good and value of all humans. We're better when we see people as people. Stay curious. And dignify those life brings across our paths.

Life attracts life

An open heart and mind attract open hearts and minds. The world is abundance. Those who believe this succeed. Those who embrace scarcity, find the world is scarce.

We're all born juicy

None of us are mistakes. We're all good. We all have innate brilliance. Getting back to a place of recognizing our "juicyness" unlocks limitless potential.

Yes, and.

Improv teaches us how to succeed in life, business, and relationships. 1). Say yes, and. 2). Set your partner up for success 3). There are no mistakes.

Embrace chaos.

Life's an infinite game. When you stop complaining about what's "fair" and embrace uncertainty and adventure, you discover new levels of happiness.

Growth requires discomfort

What do weightlifting, relationships, and business have in common? In order to grow stronger, you must embrace (and even seek out) discomfort.

A Mission To Empower Companies - Consultflow X Webflow Template

We're on a mission to equip and empower leaders.

We are obsessively relational, relentlessly practical, and unconventional by design. We offer customizable Leadership Development solutions for a world too complex for cookie cutter answers.

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Hear what our raving fans are saying...

“I highly recommend The Leadership Tap”

The Leadership Tap identified opportunities within our leadership team, temporarily filled these gaps and has helped transition new best practices within our firm.

Ryan Biggs
South Bend, IN

“Passionate about people”

Josh and Matt possess a combination of expert knowledge and innate leadership abilities. They are passionate about people and their pursuit of personal growth to enhance the quality of life and to achieve one’s dreams and aspirations.

Skye McDonald
Office Manager, ABI Attachments
Mishawaka, IN

“A rare find”

The Leadership Tap helped identify pain points and implement solutions tailored to our needs. I recommend them to any business looking to unleash growth within their company. They understand the personal and practical sides of business, and that is a rare find.

Michael Yoder
Owner, Truth Work Media
South Bend, IN

“Highly practical”

Josh and Matt are the highest quality teachers and developers of leaders and talent I have worked with. They are forward thinking but highly practical in their approach to all they do.

Caleb Laidig
Vision Financial
Mishawaka, IN

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