Matt Metzger

Matt Metzger


Coaching. Team Lead Training. ​Business Organization. Harmonizer. Instructor.

Fun Facts

Enneagram 2
Unabashedly a feeler
Mystic in training

A bit about Jamie

About Matt

Matt is irrationally scared of zombies. He can’t watch sitcoms because he gets embarrassed on behalf of the goofy characters (poor Ross in Friends). He secretly wants to be a farmer but has trouble keeping houseplants alive. His version of heaven is long walks with his wife and laughing with his four kids.

Matt’s first attempt to be a do-gooder was by way of the church. He served as a pastor for a number of years and fell in love with harmonizing communities and helping people navigate tough times and hard decisions. When a move was necessary, Matt pivoted to the manufacturing world where he quickly discovered the need for a culture of compassionate leadership extends beyond the walls of the church space. Matt currently works as a VP of People and Business Operations where he has the privilege of listening and serving, training and counseling the entire collective from c-suite to shop floor.

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