Josh Hartsell
Partner, Coach

Josh Hartsell


Coaching. Employee Development. Team Culture. Systems Improvement. Mentoring.

Fun Facts

Enneagram 1
Recovering perfectionist
Unabashedly a terrible dancer
Aspiring Badass

A bit about Jamie

About Josh

Josh’s professional story began as a College Resident Director where he spent a decade training students in the art of personal, career, and leadership development. That’s a classy way of saying he spent 10 years living in a freshman male dorm and managed to survive!

Since leaving the world of Higher Education, he’s worked alongside customer service teams, businesses, non-profits, and startups to help them think through their people and operational challenges.

People development, systems optimization, and one-on-one coaching are his professional passions. When not working you’re likely to find him planning his next trip, equally obsessed and frustrated with the latest house project he decided to undertake, or out with friends where he’s unabashedly a terrible dancer. Josh and his partner Trent have 3 dogs – Obi, Vader, and Bruce – which Josh fondly refers to as mistakes one, two, and three (:

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