VennSight™ Coaching Model

The Leadership Tap VennSight™ Coaching method uniquely leverages a coach shared mutually between a leader and their direct report(s) to:

Overcome communication barriers.
Uncover powerful insights.
Provide actionable feedback and coaching.

Leaders Face A Universal Problem.

People are selective about what they share – especially at work! For Instance: 

Are there secrets your best friend knows that you’d NEVER tell mom?
What about things you’d tell your doctor you’d keep from a neighbor?
Ever told a co-worker something you didn’t DARE tell your boss?

VennSight™Coaching Solves That Problem

VennSight Coaching is a Leadership and Professional Development coaching model that leverages a mutual coach shared between a leader and their direct report(s) to:


Overcome communication barriers present in traditional boss/employee relationships


Uncover powerful insights at the intersection of those relationships.


Provide actionable feedback and coaching to identify growth opportunities, resolve conflicts, tackle complex challenges, and accomplish established objectives.

How The VennSight™ Model Works.

Team Lead + VennSight Coach

The Coach provides the Team Lead customized, individual development and training. Simultaneously, they collaborate to identify team growth opportunities. Powerful results are realized through two primary tools: one-on-one coaching sessions and VennSight Debriefs.

Team Lead + Team Member

The relationship between Team Lead and Team Member is fundamental to the success of the VennSight coaching model. The Coach will work with Team Leads to initiate or optimize a one-on-ones structure between the Team Lead and each of their direct reports.

Team Member + VennSight Coach

The  Coach serves as a company provided resource supporting the Team Member in their professional development. As an objective 3rd party, the Coach identifies opportunities the Team Lead may have missed. Simultaneously the coach and Team Member develop skillsets and strategies to tackle individual and team objectives  identified by the Team Lead.

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