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Could you use an extra hand in training your people? Do you have a dream and a team but are struggling to find traction? Are your players high caliber, but momentum is stalled?


We can support you by training and developing your team.

See our list of pre-designed trainings or contact us to request a tailored training built to suit your team's needs. We love creating new sessions to help leaders thrive! 

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Right Brain Training

How do some of your people remain calm under pressure while others crack and lash out? Why are high power contributors derailed by petty disagreements? These unpleasant behaviors are debilitating, but not insurmountable. Helping your team understand how the brain functions under stress gives them the power to choose habits that recalibrate.

360 Degree Leader

A John C. Maxwell staple. “Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less.” Every member of a collective has some degree of influence with every other person in that collective. That means each team member has the opportunity to influence (lead) down, up, or sideways. Is your team aware of the influential power they have in every work interaction? By exploring all directions of influence, contributors are more strategically prepared to engage the people they serve, their peers, and those they work for.

16 Personalities

How well do you know yourself? Would you be able to accurately explain to a colleague how you view the world and how you prefer to process your observations? Self-awareness is a cornerstone of personal contribution and leadership. Developing a working knowledge of personality preferences allows you to function at your best and–at deeper levels of understanding–lead others more effectively.

GTD Principles

Do you or your team members ever feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done? Are tasks slipping through the cracks? This session is a tactical course in the basics of task management, contribution habits, and knowledge work tools. Derived from gurus like David Allen and Peter Drucker, this workshop helps you and your team tame the whirlwind so you can better focus on the important goals that move you forward.

QBQ (Question Behind the Question)

Accountability starts with you! … or is it me? Funny how that works. None of us like it when a team member drops the ball and doesn’t humbly own up to the mistake, but how diligently do you (do I) take personal responsibility for the work that needs to be done? We can help your team develop a lifestyle of personal accountability by learning to ask the right questions, owning what’s yours and stopping the blame game.

The Four Agreements

Not so long ago talking about “inner peace” in a business context was considered taboo. These days leadership teams understand the greatest hindrance to a team member’s contribution is not a lack of training or capacity, but a lack of inner resilience. Each of us has the power to create, protect, and share peace and joy with those around us. Learning and choosing to do so empowers ourselves and our teams with the grit that drives visions and collectives to new heights.

Lead From Where You Are : Leadership 101

You have the word “manager” in your title. What does that mean? Does that make you a leader? What is the difference between the two? If you want your team or company to accomplish great things, defining expectations for leadership must be a top priority. This session is ideal for new leaders or leadership teams looking for a refresher on how to serve their people well. *

The Velvet Covered Brick

Have you ever been told you come across a little strong? Or do you sometimes feel like you can’t quite say everything that needs to be said in a conversation? When tough topics arise, leaders must be trained and prepared to navigate conversations with a balance of grace and strength. *

Pocket Change

“Declined due to insufficient funds.” Progress (like purchases) come to a screeching halt when you don’t have the resources available to execute. Leaders are all too familiar with limits of funds, time, and materials. But what about relational collateral? Is it possible to have an insufficient amount of relational funds stored up with a colleague? How do you make deposits to ensure you never run low?

Hosts vs. Guests

What makes a party a great party? Plenty of food? The right venue? An ideal start time and a clear understanding of when it’s time to go? All of these factors boil down to the host’s competency as a host and how considerate they are in crafting the experience. In any (*read every) situation, leaders have the ability to function as a host or function as a guest. Leaders that understand the connection between their hosting ability and the influence they have in the collective tap into a team’s potential and make contributing a whole lot more fun.

How to Execute Tactical One-on-Ones

“I work with my people everyday. Why do I need to set aside time for One-on-Ones?” Working with your team on projects and tasks is not the same as working with them on their growth and development. It’s the difference between cleaning your house a little each day and carving out the time and money for a remodel. If you want your people to grow you will need to make time for it. This session explores how to maximize that designated time.

The Art and Science of Good Questions

Why do all these training session descriptions start with questions? How do our brains process questions differently from statements? Your ability to manage, lead, and direct your team is directly related to your understanding of the power of questions. Collaboration, content creation, problem solving, personal growth… in every human interaction (workplace or otherwise), the person asking the most questions is making the biggest impact.

Intro to 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Another John C. Maxwell foundational work, the 21 Irrefutable Laws detail human relationship realities every influencer wrestles with. A warning: these aren’t tools to use or wield, they are laws (think gravity, not speed limit) that impact your interactions and influence with others. Familiarizing yourself with these realities provides you the building blocks for a life of leadership.

Developing a Growth Mindset

What are the most powerful words in the universe? Angela Duckworth proposes, “not yet.” Understated, certainly, but “not yet” holds the power of human potential. Do you know how to build that? “Not yet.” Are you capable of making that happen? “Not yet.” Can your team develop a process to reach that goal? “Not yet… but I can. … but we will. … but I’ll learn.” “Not yet” is a commitment to a growth mindset. It’s a recognition of and fierce commitment to a human’s infinite capacity for development. A leader with a growth mindset builds a powerful team. A team with a growth mindset builds amazing realities.

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Like death and taxes, hard conversations are a part of life. They’re scary. They make our palms sweat. The mere awareness that we have a tough conversation on the calendar tomorrow keeps us awake in bed running the scenarios over and over and over. This session covers the 7 fundamental elements of how to navigate difficult conversations.


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