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  • Josh Hartsell

Get out of your way.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Have you found yourself daydreaming about making a change?

Maybe a career move? Quitting your job to pursue a calling?

Or have you thought to yourself lately, "you know what...there's more to me that I'd like the world to see - my artwork. my ideas. my voice."

Do you find your mind wandering to possibilities while sitting at your desk, standing in the shower, mowing your lawn, or stuck in traffic?

If you're like most ambitious people, life presents you with moments of opportunity, and if you're not paying attention it can be easy to overlook or ignore them.

You may have stumbled upon one of these opportunities recently. They start with a nagging thought. Then it grows. Eventually it consumes your imagination. It's there when you wake up. Eventually, it becomes hard to go much of the day without mulling it over and over.

There's a pretty quick way to determine how impactful the idea you have could be.

Just imagine all the reasons not to pursue it.

If that list quickly mounts and you find yourself feeling scared and incapable and imposter-ish, then it's likely you have an incredible opportunity so big that fear is moving in to push you away from making the first move.

Truth be told, sweaty palms and butterflies in your belly often accompany us at the start of great adventures!

So what do you need to do? The answer is pretty simple. Get out of your own way.

As counter-normal as it may seem, I often tell people to think about what they're most afraid of when considering a new opportunity or faced with a challenge. Once you have that fear firmly in your mind, lean into it...fully. Our fears often hold the key to opening doors for success and possibility.

It's true that some fears keep us safe - fear of heights or fear of spiders and even certain fears of loss. Those fears are natural and instinctual and meant for our safety.

But fear of failure and fear of embarrassment and fear of doing hard things or making a mistake - those fears are programmed and learned. How do we know? Look at a child and see whether or not they seem to share those same fears.

Learning to re-program our ears to hear possibility instead of fear can be done. It takes time and practice. But many times we can reap the benefits simply by deciding to.

Do you want to accomplish your dream, fulfill your current nagging passion, grow into something more? You already know you have the stuff to do it or you would have ignored the thought in the first place. It's possible you just need to get out of your own way.

Try it today. Decide you're going to make that goal come true.

Say it out loud. Seriously, I'll wait.

Say "I'm going to __________________." Then say it again.

Then wait for just a minute and I promise within seconds your mind will fill will a list of fears and potential problems. Take a deep breath and know that you've just been given a gift. Your mind has helped you unearth the next step you need to take.

Think through that list of fears. Which one causes you the most anxiety? Tackle it.


Is it something you can do in a single action? Do it.

Does it require multiple steps? Then write those down and do the first.

Is it just a mental mountain you have to climb? Then explore it.

No more waiting. Get out of your own way. Say what you intend to do and use the fears that pop up as your next steps to build momentum.

Then shoot us an email letting us know how it's going as you take that leap into the exhilarating space of badassery known as fear facing!

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