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We're Mishawaka and South Bend Locals. We help businesses train and develop their leaders.

30+ years of combined professional experience, engrained in us the belief that individuals and collectives thrive when people live as their full, authentic selves - what we refer to as living “juicy.”

The obstacle most people face on their journey to “juicy” isn’t a lack of talent, skill, or even intention. Humans are powerful and good, but we all need others to help us discover and tap into our own innate brilliance. In other words, people grow best in healthy community. And healthy communities – whether professional, competitive, personal or spiritual – need healthy leadership.


This realization planted the dream-seed for The Leadership Tap. Because we envision a world full of juicy people we equip and empower leaders at every level to take great care of their people.


Well cared for people = healthier people = happier people = more creative people

      more productive people

           more engaged people

              …you get the point…

Let's Get Juicy!


Josh’s professional story began as a College Resident Director where he spent a decade training students in the art of personal, career, and leadership development. That’s a classy way of saying he spent 10 years living in a freshman male dorm and managed to survive! 


Since leaving the world of Higher Education, he’s worked alongside customer service teams, businesses, non-profits, and startups to help them think through their people and operational challenges.


People development, systems optimization, and one-on-one coaching are his professional passions. When not working you’re likely to find him planning his next trip, equally obsessed and frustrated with the latest house project he decided to undertake, or out with friends where he’s unabashedly a terrible dancer. Josh and his partner Trent have 3 dogs – Obi, Vader, and Bruce – which Josh fondly refers to as mistakes one, two, and three (:



Matt is irrationally scared of zombies. He can’t watch sitcoms because he gets embarrassed on behalf of the goofy characters (poor Ross in Friends). He secretly wants to be a farmer but has trouble keeping houseplants alive. His version of heaven is long walks with his wife and laughing with his four kids.


Matt’s first attempt to be a do-gooder was by way of the church. He served as a pastor for a number of years and fell in love with harmonizing communities and helping people navigate tough times and hard decisions. When a move was necessary, Matt pivoted to the manufacturing world where he quickly discovered the need for a culture of compassionate leadership extends beyond the walls of the church space. Matt currently works as a VP of People and Business Operations where he has the privilege of listening and serving, training and counseling the entire collective from c-suite to shop floor.


Because somebody cared enough to teach us!

We believe leadership matters. Because leadership is about people and people are what matter most in life and business. 

It's our relationships that bring us joy. It's our people that drive innovation and success. 

Early in our lives, we had people investing in our leadership development. They taught us that conversation matters. They taught us about generosity. They taught us the importance of eye contact and a firm handshake.

We are who we are today because of the mentors and coaches who to took the time to walk alongside us in our leadership journey. We want others to have someone alongside them as they learn to love and lead their people well.


We know you have what it takes to be your boldest, juiciest self, but we also know the journey is more fun when you don't walk it alone! 



We specialize in helping business owners navigate the unique challenges they face.


Are you eager to grow as a leader? Do you have big dreams and/or ambitious goals, but get stuck when you try to move forward? 


Let us help you tap into your best, juicy self.


We can support you by training and developing your team.

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